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I make a lot of cool things in my shop, but this is one of the few that I will definitely be keeping for myself. I like to use my tablet while sitting on the couch, but none of the stands I have tried worked very well. This one is awesome! It is super comfortable and ergonomic to use, and has earned a permanent home on the table next to where I sit on the couch.

This is similar to the sewing lap desk I made for my wife (and now sell on Etsy), but specifically designed for holding a tablet, book or for writing cards. I have a complete shop including a CNC and laser engraver, so I can make just about anything out of wood. While designing the sewing lap desk for my wife, I put my iPad on it to see if that would work. It was very comfortable, but the tablet tended to slide off the top. So I figured out a way to made a lip that could be flush (held in place with magnets) or extended to hold my laptop. That change worked great! My lap desk is also good reading books and writing cards. It really helps reduce neck and wrist fatigue. I have a friend in law school, and he said that it really helps him reading his heavy books. Previously he had to keep his heavy books on his desk and lean over to read them, causing him neck pain. Now he puts the books on his lap desk which raises the books to a comfortable level, which eliminated his neck pain.

The bottom half of the sewing lap desk I designed for my wife holds three spools of thread, has a magnet for holding needles and a tray for other misc. things she needs. It worked great for her needs, but I wanted something different for myself. For my tablet version, I wanted a tray, a magnet, a place for post-it notes, and a way of holding a pen or pencil. I experimented with a few different design variations that I showed my friends and family members. I took their feedback and ended up with what you see in the photos.

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