Retired mechanical engineer that likes to make high quality gifts

I retired as a mechanical engineer in 2018 and now enjoy being creative in my shop. I have always enjoyed woodworking, but really got serious when I retired. I started selling hand made pens on Etsy a few years ago, but since I am very computer literate, I also wanted to explore using computerized tools. I started with an inexpensive laser cutter / engraver to get a feel for the technology. Then I make a small CNC machine to expand my capabilities. After a year or so I outgrew both machines and now have higher end CNC and laser engraving equipment..

These new tools in addition to my woodworking equipment gives me the capability to make a large variety of custom wood projects. I don't make furniture, but I have friends that do, and I often use my equipment to make inlays and custom engravings for their projects.

My goal is to have fun in my shop, and to make high quality custom signs and gifts that make people happy. I love to hear how much people like what I have made for them, and that is what motivates me.

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